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Free quota, price and limits

Free points

For free users, the number of points is reset to 80 every 30 days.

Paid users, i.e. those with more than 80 points, will not have their points added or reset automatically.
Points will be added at the next point increase time only after your points are below 80.

1 point is enough to perform one check.

If you check a page twice a day, you can have enough points for a month.

Task number and script number limit

Each user can create up to 5 different tasks.
Each user can create up to 5 different eraser scripts.
See also: Task execute / Email send strategy .


Recharge 1 RMB to get 100 points and 1 USD to get 500 points.

Top-up ways

Mainland China users can use WeChat to top up, and overseas users can use Paypal to transfer points manually.
You can check the top-up page after logging in for specific information.